BFFs/Tired Moms Turned Business Partners

We wanted to play with our kids, but one more Hot Wheels race or Barbie pool party and we were going to lose our minds. We LOVE being Mom's but we tolerated playing with our kids and realized it was because we were bored with their toys (haha!) We searched high and low for a timeless, high quality, beautiful, engaging toy that wouldnt be thrown in a donation bag after a season of being played with. As we were searching, we found that the toys were either beautiful, or fun for kids, but not both. The block sets we ordered were huge and expensive, but not actually something that would hold their attention for very long. We tried taking everything we loved about different block sets and putting it together and it still fell short. So we created something new, inspired by our favorite pieces. Pretty soon the whole neighborhood started coming over to play with them. Everyone from April's 10 month old baby to Marissa's 90 year old Grandmother were enchanted with our blocks. As we looked around the room at all the different ages playing together, we knew we had created something really special. The rest is history.